"Arabian Horse Adventure: Al Shaqab and Cultural Treasures Tour"

Royal Encounters: Shaqab City Tour

Embark on a remarkable journey, the "Arabian Horse Adventure," where the main attraction is Al Shaqab, renowned for its Arabian horses and exceptional programs that offer horse care instructions and insights into horse breeding. As part of this tour, you will have the opportunity to drive through the Education Village, a captivating hub established in 1995. Experience the prestigious international schools and high-class universities that adorn its landscape, offering a glimpse into academic excellence. A true highlight of this excursion is a visit to the National Library, a source of pride within the Education City. Immerse yourself in a world of knowledge and culture as you explore its vast collection of books, manuscripts, and resources. Revel in the captivating ambiance and discover the intellectual treasures that lie within its walls. Join us on the "Arabian Horse Adventure" as we take you on a captivating journey, where you'll witness the majestic Arabian horses at Al Shaqab, drive through the vibrant Education Village, and be enchanted by the intellectual wonders of the National Library.