IGCSE/IB Environmental Studies

Discoverarabia has designed different field studies for IGCSE/IB environmental systems and CAS programs for schools. Having taught in schools for the last fourteen years around the world has provided us with the expertise to meet your curriculum needs. Our programs are designed to allow curriculum to come to life allowing hands on field work so students can apply their learning in the classroom to real situations. Data gathered during the studies are accumulated and can be shared to help students in their in school class work.

We have ecological studies programs that look at the relationship of various abiotic factors in relation to plant distribution types as will as provide background activities for students to have exposure to capture and release methods, quadrat population studies, as well as exposing students briefly to different halophyte adaptations and doing different studies of edible plants.

We are working with Qatar University Environmental Club, developing relationships with Exon Mobile in their dugong and turtle studies, and are seeking a partnership with Mearsk Oil in their whale shark program.

We are developing urban geography programs and well as geography field studies that allow students students to study landscape profiling, erosion, and urban development studies.