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Corporate team building program at Discoverarabia

Corporate team building is all about sportsmanship and instilling the importance of working together, as a team, in a group, towards a common objective. Each individual is responsible for a team setup and performance of duties. Individuals with different personalities and skills working together on the same objectives create a harmonized group or a ‘team.’ Likewise, at Discoverarabia, we believe that corporate team building programs are necessary to build trust, improve communication, and enhance empathy among colleagues and other staff members such that the team is working effectively and harmoniously towards achieving company goals. A corporate team rarely works by itself. What a team needs is a strong hold and backing each other up.
Discoverarabia has an experienced and skillful team in world class Eco-Adventures Tours. Based in Doha, and as the only authorized and registered tour operator in Qatar, we provide top class corporate and education based experiences, adventurous activities, and community servicing opportunities which are infused with feelings of empathy, togetherness, team work and responsibility. Qatar is a place which shares a unique cultural shade, and historical and hidden treasures. We offer the best secure tours that help tourists and locals explore Qatar like never before. With Eco-Adventures tour comprising of kayaking tours through the mangrove forest of Al Thakira to adventure excursions around Qatar and Snorkeling activity, we also offer the best of corporate team building and outdoor school educational programs.


The corporate team building ideas are very helpful to create sound understanding of each other. While kayaking, it is necessary to induce the significance of team building since this particular activity demands for it as it is highly dependent on the paddling process. Paddling a double kayak requires individuals to work together to move the kayak through the deep mangroves forest. Kayaking allows people to sit together and spend time exchanging thoughts, strategy and ideas, which creates a strong bond that you take back to your workplace. We offer such packaged tours for those who want to experience Qatar’s nature and culture. Our fun-filled packages ensure the most memorable experiences with colleagues, families, school mates, friends, and other individuals alike.

  • Outfitting a kayak
  • Wet exits
  • T-rescues, swimming and self-rescue
  • Body positioning
  • Strokes, edging and bracing techniques
  • Reading rivers and hydrology
  • Eddy turns, peel-outs and ferrying across the current
  • Scouting rapids
  • Basic safety precautions
  • Paddling through class I-II whitewater